Activated Charcoal Tips For Black Soap

The Internet is filled with excellent articles about the benefits of activated charcoal. Since doctors again lose credibility, many try to be treated and to understand the medications themselves. The Internet in this regard is not a very good helper (but that’s for now).

What is activated charcoal?Activated Charcoal

From history:

  • The end of the 18th century – coal is recognized as an antidote.
  • The 19th century – a powder is produced for ingesting from crushed coal from all poisons (ridiculously of course).
  • 20th century – the first tablets are serially produced.

This information is for general development, but the following is important:

In any pharmacy, coal is sold with an internal note! Reading the instructions in this one is convinced. However, for clarity and understanding, what is it and why is it and how it works, you should know.

The property of activated charcoalActivated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has one of two properties of a magnet. If an ordinary magnet is repulsive, it attracts only a certain substance. That coal only attracts, collecting toxic substances, organic dirty compounds, all sorts of harmful impurities from the human body. Click actinera to find out activated charcoal products for natural treatment.

Those who poisoned themselves with gasoline, not pores, and the liquid itself, accidentally or, pouring through a hose from the gas tank, one way or another, you should immediately drink 10 to 15 tablets of activated charcoal.

Possessing such a remarkable function, this sorbent gave way to cosmetology and dietology.

  • With obesity according to a certain formula of body loading, activated charcoal to any person is able to help throw off several unnecessary kilograms.
  • Cream in which there is activated charcoal perfectly cleans the skin of black dots, acne making the fat skin normal.

Soap and masks based on activated charcoal are sold for a lot of money at every corner but are they worth the money if you can make a cream, mask or soap by yourself.

Activated charcoal tips for black soapActivated Charcoal

Important: tablets leave muddy tracks, make everything dirty. It is easily wiped off and washed off without consequences.

– Soap in the composition of which activated charcoal.

Soap is not expensive, but you just need to know where it is sold.

Under the power to make such a soap only to those who are engaged in soap making. But it is possible to make it to anyone at home.

Advice for experienced experimenters on the preparation of activated charcoal soap :

  • Melt any baby soap,
  • Powder several tablets (2) of activated charcoal,
  • Add the powder to the melted soap,
  • Mix it,
  • Pour into any shape giving the image of the bar.

Reference: 70 – 80 years ago, soap was an expensive treat.