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activated charcoal

On the skin, the mask of gelatin and activated charcoal for the face is aged for about 10-15 minutes. Determining is its complete drying, the appearance of a pronounced feeling of tightness of the skin and the ability to pick up a layer of mask and remove it. To remove it should be so, with a dried layer, rinse with water or a favorite cleaning agent should only then, cleanly, to remove unnoticed small debris. By the way, the water should be cool or slightly warm, but not hot, it is necessary to close the cleaned pores.

Tip: Using a mask, put on something that it will not be a pity to accidentally stain, and remove the hair from your face, picking them up in the tail or pushing them away with a bandage.

No matter how useful, natural and safe the mask is, too frequent use of it can also do harm: dry your face, make it more sensitive and prone to irritation. The normal frequency of use is 1-2 times a week for a couple of months, after which it is worth taking a break also for 1-2 months. If the agent is used infrequently, from case to case, then such long gaps are not necessary.

During the course of the mask from the usual cleansing cosmetics – peelings, scrubs and all the same – there is no need to give up, their application does not harm the skin and will not worsen the effect of the mask with activated charcoal. But one should not use them one by one, it is better to spread them on different days or at least morning-evening. Read also:

Follow-up skin care

Gelatin-activated charcoal facial cleanses the skin very effectively. The side effect of this is the removal of not only impurities, but also useful components and fluids. This means that the person will need increased nutrition and hydration.

After removing the mask, the skin can be rinsed with herbal decoction, and then you should use a tonic and your favorite face cream. With sensitive skin and / or in the case of unfavorable weather conditions (heat, frost, strong wind, polluted air, etc.), the first hour or two person should take care not to go outside without emergency.

activated charcoal

How to strengthen the action of the mask

External influence on the skin by cosmetic means is wonderful and necessary. But if the root of problems with the face lies not only in insufficient care for it, then this is not enough for a noticeable result.

Skin is a clear indicator of the health of the entire human body, and long and serious malfunctions with it indicate that something is wrong with it, more often than not it is malfunctions in the hormonal system or any disturbances in digestion. But whatever it was, the disease should be treated in accordance with the appointment of a qualified physician.

What you can do yourself?

  • To get enough sleep;
  • Balanced eating, trying to reduce the amount of sweet, flour, fried and too sharp;
  • To observe the elementary hygiene of the body and the surrounding space, in particular, be sure to monitor the cleanliness of bed linen and wash off makeup immediately upon return home.

These simple recommendations will help to significantly improve the condition of the skin and the entire body, and therefore, will raise your mood and confidence.

Summing up

Gelatin and activated charcoal, as well as water or a dairy product for their breeding – here it is, a simple recipe for effective cleansing of the face, reducing its inflammation and the number of black spots. This remedy is effective as early as with expressed dermatological problems, and as a preventive measure. And if you competently combine it with cosmetics for care and a generally relatively healthy lifestyle, the skin will always delight in cleanliness, freshness and healthy radiance.

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Post Author: Brad Phillips