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activated charcoal

Do you want to know the recipe of a mask that works against black spots, based on such budgetary ingredients as activated charcoal and regular food gelatin? Read this article.

Gelatin – the basis for a mask-film with charcoal – is sold in any grocery store. To create one portion of the mask, a small amount of this crystalline powder will be needed-just a teaspoon without a slide.

Gelatin should be combined with two teaspoons of warm water and put the mixture on a water bath.

When gelatin acquires a thick, viscous consistency, it should be enriched with pre-crushed activated charcoal (two tablets).

Gelatin, coal and water should be turned into a homogeneous mixture, which must be cooled to room temperature.

Let the mask infuse for a couple of minutes, when you remove it from the water bath. Before applying the mask-film on the face, make sure that it has cooled down sufficiently.

The lower the temperature of the mask, the more difficult it will be distributed over the skin. Remember this, so as not to miss the right moment.

You can distribute gelatinous mask with coal on the skin either with your fingers or with a brush that has dense artificial pile.

Prepare for the fact that after using the brush will not be easy to clean.

Some representatives of the fair sex use cosmetic spatulas to apply a mask of gelatin, but with their help it is not easy to distribute the product on the relief areas of the face (for example, on the nose).

The mixture that you put on the skin should completely cool and dry out. It is important to understand that gelatin, included in the recipe of this mask, will turn into a thin and sufficiently strong adhesive film that can save you not only from the black points, but also from the fleece hairs on the face.

Therefore, if your plans do not include depilation, do not apply a mask to the area of hair growth (especially on the eyebrows).

Remove the mask only when it completely hardens. The speed of this process depends on the thickness of the layer that you will apply, as well as on the skin temperature.

As a rule, gelatin in a mixture with coal freezes for fifteen to twenty minutes. After this time, gently separate the lower edge of the mask from the skin, grasp it with the fingers of both hands and pull it up with a sharp movement, trying to make the film completely come off the skin. Read also:

The black spots that were in the pores of the skin will leave them, remaining on the gelatin film.

When you make a mask against black spots, referring to this guide, do not forget to cleanse the skin of the remnants of gelatin and coal with soap.

Wipe your face with an emollient lotion without alcohol or water it with pharmacy thermal water.

activated charcoal

Several recipes for masks with activated charcoal

The recipe for a mask against black spots, which you could familiarize with above, is not the only one of its kind. There are other means on the basis of coal, which you can prepare yourself.

For example, a mask ideally suited for oily skin and effectively removing black spots is prepared according to the following scheme.

For its creation, it is required to mix five crushed coal tablets with two spoons of rose hydrolyte and three drops of tea tree ether.

You can apply the mask on the entire face, except the area around the eyes. Tea tree has excellent antiseptic properties, splendidly dissolves black spots and dries out skin inflammations.

Another tool that fights against all types of acne on the face, is prepared using black coal and aloe juice.

These ingredients should be mixed in equal proportions and add to them a third of a spoonful of sea salt. Strengthen the anti-inflammatory effect of this mixture can be enriched with tea tree ether.

You need to wear such a remedy on your face for half an hour. Flushing the mask can be accompanied by a light massage that will help exfoliate the dead particles of the epidermis and make the skin smoother.

Mask with activated charcoal, which can be used to owners of dry skin, is easy to prepare by mixing a tablespoon of shredded raw material with a spoonful of sour cream.

This mask less actively dissolves black spots, but you can do it more often – several times a week.

The simplest scrub, which will cleanse the face of excess skin secretion and exert a noticeable exfoliation effect, can be created by mixing three tablespoons of chopped coal with three tablespoons of warm water.

The resulting gruel should be applied to the face, and when it dries, re-moisten and make with it an easy, but tangible massage.

Black spots on the face are not a verdict, you can get rid of them both with the help of pharmaceutical preparations and ointments, and with the help of home remedies prepared from familiar and accessible ingredients.

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