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activated charcoal

The quality of food and water, bad habits, the state of the environment, the lack of proper rest lead to the accumulation of slags, salts of heavy metals, toxins in the human body. To date, activated charcoal is a proven technique for cleaning the body of harmful substances, most of which are available at home.

How to properly cleanse the body of toxins

A thorough cleaning of the body from accumulated slags and toxins requires time and a certain aging. Nutritionists believe that it is necessary to start with the intestines, and then go to the liver and kidneys.

Achieving the best result and consolidating it will allow you to follow several important rules:

  • During cleaning and after it is recommended to adhere to a healthy diet, to exclude as much as possible from the diet “harmful” food – charcoaled drinks, fast food, fatty, spicy, etc. In the daily menu must be present fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • During the day, you must drink at least 2 liters of unboiled water.
  • It is recommended to stop smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol.
  • It is important to establish a regime of sleep and rest, walk in the fresh air, and add physical activity.
  • Nutritionists advise to smoothly enter the detox program, starting with a vegetarian diet for several days, and also gradually get out of it. Read also:

When you need to clean your body?

Slagging of the body is often the primary cause of weight gain, deterioration of well-being, a sense of heaviness in the whole body.

The need for cleansing is indicated by the following symptoms and signs:

  • Deterioration of the skin (dryness, peeling, acne);
  • Brittle nails;
  • Dull, dry, split hair;
  • Fast fatigue, lack of energy;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Frequent colds and viral diseases;
  • Frequent exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • Headache;
  • Disorders in the work of the intestine;
  • Excess weight.

activated charcoal

Method of purification with activated charcoal

Activated charcoal – a preparation of natural origin, getting into the body, it absorbs slags, toxins, alcohol breakdown products and other harmful substances. The drug has a purifying effect on the circulatory system, improves the functioning of the heart, and prevents the appearance of cholesterol plaques.

At present, there are several methods for purifying the body of activated charcoal. In all cases it is important to adhere to the correct dosage: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.


Method 1: The classic method of cleaning the body with activated charcoal is ideal for people without excess weight. First of all, you need to calculate the required number of tablets by body weight, then divide them into 3 equal parts. Take the drug is recommended 45 minutes before meals (respectively, 3 times a day), washed down with plenty of water at room temperature. The duration of the course is 7-10 days.

Method 2: For people with excess weight, another scheme for the reception of activated charcoal is recommended. Calculate the number of tablets based on body weight, multiply the number by 2. The resulting amount should be divided into 3 divided doses, each batch should be drunk in two stages: half 120 minutes before meals, half as much after meals. The recommended course length is 2 weeks.

General recommendations for the purification of the body with activated charcoal

The course of cleaning the body with activated charcoal at home will be most effective if you adhere to several recommendations:

  • Do not take activated charcoal during treatment with other medicines, tk. he displays not only harmful, but also useful substances.
  • To achieve maximum effect during the cleaning period, it is necessary to abandon harmful food and habits.
  • Categorically it is not recommended to take coal at the same time as food. There may be a shortage of nutrients.
  • The method does not work with a tendency to constipation, the drug can aggravate the situation.

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