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Egg Mask

Acne do not count with age – it can be youthful acne, and age manifestation. The reasons are different – some are determined by external factors, others depend on the state of the internal system. Some people are predisposed to pimples inherited.

Whatever influenced their appearance, the mechanism is always the same. Once upon a time, all the human skin had a scalp with sebaceous glands in each follicle. Now on the face you can see a barely noticeable fluff, and the glands continue to actively produce fat, which is in optimal amounts useful to the skin.

The problems begin when the fat has nowhere to go – the pores are clogged, and the fault is to the person himself. Improper care for one’s appearance, ignoring the rules of hygiene, allow these microscopic tubules, through which the epidermis “breathes”, be hammered. As a result, cork is formed first, which in addition seals the bacteria that enter the pores, and then the inflammatory process begins.

There are many different ways to eliminate this problem, the purpose of which is to clear the pores and remove the inflammation. With this work the mask from a chicken egg from spots will perfectly consult. But you need to take into account that it is not suitable for dry skin type (in this case it is more appropriate to use the yolk).

The recipes listed below are exclusively folk remedies that reached modern women from those times when even such a concept did not yet exist, like cosmetology. But the natural components were always at hand and helped to remain beautiful. Read also:

Protein egg mask simple recipe

The easiest way to cleanse the skin is to beat 1 egg white into a persistent foam and apply it to your face in 3 stages at intervals of 5 minutes. The mask is aged for 15 minutes. And then washed off with warm water or a mineral water.

Using masks with a protein, do not forget about the tightening effect. In the eye area, they should not be used – there is very sensitive skin, and the mask can damage it.

Egg Mask

Activated charcoal with eggs for deep cleansing

Get rid of acne, as well as their predecessors, help face mask with activated charcoal. 5 crushed tablets are mixed with whipped egg mask whites and applied to the skin. In problem areas, a larger amount of formulation is superimposed, which are gently driven into the skin by fingers. When the mask is removed, it draws all the accumulated debris behind it.

Honey with egg mask for natural cleansing

An excellent cleansing, as well as tonic and health-improving dermis are with honey and egg mask. They expand the pores well, which helps to remove the gums and eliminate acne more easily.

Liquid honey (1 tablespoon) is mixed with 1 tsp. olive oil, and protein foam is added to this mixture. Then the oat flakes are crushed and gradually introduced into the resulting mass until it thickens.

Take 10 g melted honey and mix with whipped protein, as well as lemon juice and tocopherol oil solution (these ingredients need to take 5 drops each).

To honey masks there are contraindications for women suffering from diabetes. Do not use them and allergies.

Fruits with egg mask formulations

To reduce the dermis can be the following masks, which are also a good vitamin-nutrient.

  • To the egg whites is added a gram of 17 fruit purees (take sweet varieties) or berry (from strawberries, raspberries, strawberries). To get a homogeneous mass, it is worth using a blender.
  • You can mix lemon juice (5 ml) with whipped protein, or replace it with 15 ml of grape.
  • Taking the pulp of one of the fruited fruits – peach, kiwi, cherries (15 ml), mix with 0.5 tbsp. mayonnaise, 1 tsp. melted honey and whipped egg whites.

These face masks from the egg – an excellent cleanser, which still delivers and the pleasure of smelling their delicious flavors.

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Post Author: Brad Phillips