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The black mask for blackheads is a necessary tool in the struggle for the aesthetic appeal of the skin. Black Mask are also effective as an express method, when you need to look perfect immediately, and within the framework of an integrated approach to debug the work of the body as a whole.

The more you understand the essence of the problem that you are going to solve, the more chances you have. It is important to understand what blackheads are and what their nature is.

There are two strategies for dealing with blackheads. You can act outside, the approach includes careful care with properly selected cosmetics, daily cleansing, regular scrubs and black mask against black spots and acne.

The second approach is much broader. It includes methods of external care, as well as the debugging of internal processes in the body, which cause a cause of high fat content – abnormal activity of the sebaceous glands.

In 10% of cases, the excess fat content of the facial skin does not pass even after 30 years, so an integrated approach is especially important.

The condition of the skin depends on the diet. Sweet, fatty, refined foods, “harmful” foods increase the fat content of the skin.

Dairy products, vegetable fiber, complex carbohydrates set up the work of the intestines, which directly affects the condition of hair, skin, and nails.

Hormonal background is the second cause of skin fatness. If the endocrine system of the body is in order, then there remains the only way to restore the body’s hormonal balance – movement.

Active sports, daily walking tours – a way to regain the beauty and youth of the skin of the face. Read also:

Treat blackheads with activated charcoal black mask

Gelatin black mask against blackheads is one of the most popular, reviews on it are positive. It is a cheap, affordable source of collagen, a protein that gives the skin firmness.

Frozen on the face, gelatin forms a film, removing which you can get rid of black points even at a time.

black mask

Some homemade gelatin masks should not be removed as a film, but washed off, gradually soaking with water.

On a tablespoon of gelatin you need to take half a glass of liquid. Suitable fresh fruit juices (for young skin fatty type), milk (for mature skin) or a universal remedy – herbal decoction.

When gelatin swells in a cold liquid, it needs to be dissolved on a steam bath without boiling.

Cooled to the body temperature, the liquid should be applied to the skin, wait for it to solidify and, gently prying at the edges, remove the black mask from the bottom up.

Cleansing gelatinous mask with activated charcoal will help not only to get rid of black points of the house, but also to reduce the amount of acne.

The recipe for this black mask coincides with the previous one, just before applying to the skin in the liquid, you need to add two tablets of coal, ground into a fine powder.

If there is no gelatin at home, you can use the simplest mask recipe against blackheads and acne for young skin prone to fat.

3 tablets of coal should be grinded in a mortar, pour two teaspoons of cold water or chamomile broth (the latter is especially good if the black mask is used against acne). It should be applied to the skin and washed off after drying.

White clay – one of the most effective means against blackheads. It can be used both separately and with activated charcoal, depending on the purposes and ingredients found at home.

Another simple recipe for black spots and acne also consists of only two components – ordinary baking soda, which is always at hand at home, and water.

Black Mask should be applied to the skin with a thick layer, of course, avoiding the area around the eyes, mouth and temples.

After drying, the face should be washed. This black mask should be done twice a week for a month and a half.

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Post Author: Brad Phillips