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There are many ways to cleanse the face at home. Masks for the face with activated charcoal and turmeric is a very effective remedy for deep cleansing of the pores on the face.

For high-quality cleaning, we need a tool that can wipe dirt and grease out of pores.

Activated charcoal for skin cleansing

Activated charcoal is a form of porous charcoal with a high degree of adsorption. It is this property of coal that allows us to use it in masks for the face for deep cleansing.

Turmeric is a plant that has strong antibacterial properties. Who tried home skin care recipes with turmeric, is unlikely to refuse to use this product in the future.

Warning: Masks for the face with turmeric have one feature that you need to know about. After such a mask, a temporary light yellow color remains on the skin of the face. It disappears within 2 hours, so do this procedure if you do not plan to leave the house in the near future or transfer it to the evening.

I like how these two components work together. This cleansing masks for the face will help improve the appearance of your skin and give it a nice gentle color. Read also:

Mask for the face cleansing – prescription


  • 2 tablets of activated charcoal
  • 1 dining spoon of milk
  • 1 tea spoon of turmeric


  • Pour the milk into a bowl. Put the charcoal in the milk and wait for it to dissolve.
  • Add turmeric to the mixture of coal and milk.
  • Stir all the ingredients. Add some more milk if the mixture is too thick.
  • Leave the mask for 5 minutes to make it swell and the ingredients are mixed.

face cleansing poresApplication

The result will be better if you steam up the face in advance. Take a small towel. Dampen it with hot water, wring out and attach to face. The towel should be warm, but not scalding. Do this several times.

  • Apply mask on face and neck with a brush. Pay special attention to problem areas (forehead, nose, chin). Do not touch the area around the eyes.
  • Let the mask work on your skin for 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash your face with warm and then cold water to close the pores.
  • Blot your face with a paper towel, wipe with a tonic and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Care after cleansing pores

After the cleaning has been carried out, the skin needs to be additionally moistened, energized and must necessarily undergo a procedure for narrowing the pores.

Mask moisturizing

Restore the water balance will help masks for the face from boiled in a glass of boiling water 2 spoons of cereal tablets of Herculean. After 15 minutes, drain the liquid, and add oatmeal to a spoonful of tea honey, lemon juice and aloe juice. The mask is applied to the face for 20 minutes.


As a feeding mask, you can use a mixture of grape oil in the amount of 5 ml, 20 ml of carrot juice, 30 g of honey melted and half of the chicken yolk.

Honey masks nourish the skin down to the deep layers of the dermis, but it should be taken into account that honey can cause an allergic reaction, so it is worth checking the skin for sensitivity.

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Post Author: Brad Phillips