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Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal binds toxins in the human body (both ingested from the outside and formed as a result of the vital activity of any microorganisms inside the digestive tract) by adsorption and promotes their rapid elimination through the intestine.

Activated charcoal in cosmetics

The production of activated charcoal is carried out mainly from charcoal, peat or coal. The porous structure of tablets is achieved by influencing the component of strong micro flows of air. Each tablet of activated charcoal as a result of such porosity can absorb molecules of toxins, dirt or fat. For example, shampoo with granules of coal acts on the hair according to the principle of scrub, paste and even toothbrushes with coal particles kill countless bacteria in the oral cavity, and coal masks are able to solve almost any problem associated with the problem skin.

Drinks based on activated charcoal

All the numerous properties of activated charcoal are determined by its chemical composition and peculiarity of the structure of the natural sorbent. Curiously, most of the beneficial properties of activated charcoal was discovered by the inhabitants of Ancient India and China who, with the help of coal, purified water for drinking and wine. A few centuries later, experts in the field of cosmetology called activated charcoal one of the best detox (cleansing).

If you are accustomed to the packing of activated charcoal in the form of tablets and powder, you will probably be surprised that in the US and Western Europe for several years already on sale there is lemonade with coal! Yes, yes, lemonade from activated charcoal, which can be found on the shelves of pharmacies and cosmetic stores in New York or Los Angeles. Read also:

Such here “activated drinks” are produced in various shades, starting with black and ending with light gray, different tastes and in different containers. It would seem that those who want to try a black drink will not be so much. However, adherents of a healthy lifestyle at the breakdown shout about the benefits of such lemonades and cocktails, and buyers buy such beverages in large quantities.

Drinks with the addition of activated charcoal are only a small part of the application of an effective sorbent, today it is a very popular component in the US and most countries of Europe, which is added to cosmetic products for skin and hair care, among them: face masks, scrubs, dental paste (powder), soap, shampoo and so on.

Activated CharcoalCleansing the skin with activated charcoal

Masks made of activated charcoal not only clean the pores, but also narrow them. One small coal pellet absorbs dirt (fat, fat) 200 times its own weight. Systematic, but not excessive use of masks for a long time will help get rid of the problem of gloss and fat content of the skin.

Here there is one very important point: in the composition of cosmetics (masks from coal), only the fresh component (fresh activated charcoal will crumble already when the spoon is lightly pressed on it) must enter.

Activated charcoal can cause an allergic reaction, so before you apply this mask, check it on your arm. Also cosmetologists recommend to put such masks only on the steamed face.

Teeth whitening with activated charcoal

Charcoal can whiten teeth by 7-8 tones, without violating the integrity of tooth enamel. With the help of coal powder can also rinse the mouth, the agent has good antibacterial properties.

After a few coal treatments, you will notice a change in the condition of the gums and the smell from the mouth, this is due to the fact that the coal me PH-environment in the oral cavity. Cleaning teeth with charcoal powder is carried out in the same mode as cleaning toothpaste. If you are still worried about tooth enamel, you can clean it with coal powder applied over the paste.

Can I lose weight with activated charcoal?

From time to time on the forums and women’s sites there are topics about losing weight with activated charcoal – once it is worth noting, this is a rather dangerous way to lose weight and we strongly DO NOT recommend using such coal diet! Yes, activated charcoal removes toxins from the body, but along with them adsorbs also useful minerals, vitamins, amino acids and so on. That’s why taking activated charcoal for a long time and in large quantities you risk seriously damage your health, because in this way the body will lose important elements necessary for normal metabolism!

Of course, coal cleanses the blood, liver and intestines, body fat reserves gradually go away, but excess fatty tissue goes away due to mineral-vitamin starvation of the body. After a certain time after you begin to actively consume activated charcoal, your bowel function may be disrupted, constipation will appear, the absorption of fats, proteins, vitamins, hormones and minerals from the digestive tract will decrease. As a result, the blood sugar content will drop, blood pressure may dangerously decrease, dizziness and chills, apathy and even a decrease in brain activity will appear.

To get rid of excess weight, we would advise to revise the diet in favor of fiber-rich foods (cereals, vegetables, whole grain bread, fruit, etc.). Such products are worse absorbed, but they help improve the functioning of the intestine and, in contrast to activated charcoal, do not remove vitamins and minerals from the body. It is even better to calculate the amount of calories consumed and wasted during the day and maintain a balance when you consume less than you spend – this approach will allow you to lose weight without harm to your health!

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Post Author: Brad Phillips